Fusion Photography

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Fusion Photography is a no cost photography service run by John (aka Nighthawk)

He is an amateur photographer with loads of experience, specialising in Intimate and Glamour photos for people to use on their profiles on dating sites.

He can come to your own home, motel, outdoors friends place….. or almost any place you provide, and take your boudoir, glamour, erotic, fetish and nude shoots.
He can do the photo shoot at most times of the day or night depending on what else is happening in his life.

For women, couples, and sex workers only.

You don’t have to get undressed for the shoot, just as happy to photograph in whatever clothes make you comfortable. But what we are really talking about here are the more naughty photos for your profile.

Once the photos are taken, they will be downloaded to your computer – all at no cost. No photos are kept by Fusion Photography.

No matter your age, gender, race, size, sexuality – all women, couples and sex workers most welcome.

Fusion Photography offers a personal, private, confidential, discrete, and FREE service.

Misty of ChCh – “Best photo shoot ever, made me feel so at ease. Highly recommended. Nothing better than a coffee and chat at first to get to know each other. No weirdness – it was awesome”

Ben of ChCh – “Thanks for taking the photos tonight. We enjoyed that and we really like some of the pics thanks”

L of ChCh – “thank you once again…will certainly recommend you…liked your casual approach”

MB of ChCh – “Muchly appreciate. You are good… love your work”

HB of ChCh – “We’ve been chatting to someone who is a top international model. He really loved the photos you took, and said they were amazing”